“Good Morning Miss America:” A Play in Development

Fall 2015

I’m better known as a visual artist. Paintings flat and three dimensional. But now, I’m is trying my hand at playwriting. Playwriting? Yes. Theater is in my DNA.

As a high school student, I acted in several plays and worked on set design. I embraced the lead role in “Anastasia.” In college. My role was Gwendolyn in Oscar Wilde’s “The Importance of Being Earnest.” When living in Minneapolis, I could ofter be found in the audience at the well-respected Guthrie Theater. In Oregon, one of my favorite places to see plays is at the Oregon Shakespeare. In Portland, Coho Theater, Portland Center Stage, and the Lake Oswego Community Theater.

Twelve different years, I had the good luck to lead semester-long trips to New York City. I hired theater professors who taught contemporary theater. The class attended a Broadway or Off-Broadway play every week.

What’s happening now? I’m writing a play about an elderly daughter trying to care for her parents in their nineties who live far away. We all have parents. How will end-of-life play out? There’s a step-father of many years who is worried about finances, theft, and government interference and being alone. His wife is not able to walk or do much for herself making her totally dependent on her husband. The daughter in this play has always been in control of her own life personally and professionally. She is concerned about the health and welfare of her mother (even though she thinks her sister is her mother’s favorite child) and is at odds with her stepdad. The mix of love, loneliness, paranoia, independence, and decline, and humor live in this play.

SO MANY people have been helpful to me with this adventure.  Thanks to Dayna Corwin, John Fread, Dinah Dodds, and Susan O’Holloran a reading took place at my home around the dining room table. On November 2nd another reading is taking place with the same readers (Debora Gangwer substituting for Susan O’Holloran), This time there’s an audience. So many people have helped me on this adventure. Some of those people are Stephen Weeks, Jane Vogel, Dr. Elizabeth Flores, Ozzie Gonales, PDX Playwrights, Donald Olson,Barbara Sepenuk, Dr. Dick Edwards. Julie and Craig Smelter, Leo Daedalus, Maggi White, Mel Lee, Irene Longaker, Nicole Lane, Luan Schooler, Cynthia Whitcomb.